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Helping Writers and Creatives Grow Since 2004

Canada University Press was established in 2004 to create a brand new approach to academic and educational publishing and to meet the challenges of the rapidly expanding digital innovations.

It was also conceived as a vehicle to promote publishing in developing economies as well as exposing young writers to opportunities that will bring their creative talents to the world stage. Canada University Press is determined to scout for scholars and researchers all over the world and encourage them to get published. The Press is also dedicated to discovering and encouraging young creative minds and nurture them to achieve world acclaim. Our speciality is to make publishing less cumbersome and less expensive while at the same time maintaining the highest quality in design, editing and print. Our activities also include publication of academic journals, electronic materials, and special Reports. Canada University Press is poised to be one of the leading educational publishing outfits of the 21st Century. Founded by a team of leading authors, university teachers, and journalists led by Tola Adeniyi, former Chairman/Editor-In-Chief/Managing Director of Africa’s largest English Newspaper, the Daily Times of Nigeria Conglomerate, Canada University Press has a renowned scholar Professor Lynne Teather as its General Editor.

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Our core values of honesty and reliability remain inviolate.

We believe in respect for agreements and delivering on promises. We respect copyright laws, regulations, and uphold confidentiality in our transactions at all times. All the rules and regulations governing the ethics of publishing are religiously upheld by our Organization.

Our Values

It is imperative that we do not abuse the trust of our clients and allies, including our marketers, advertisers and sundry collaborators.







It’s enjoyable working with a creative & passionate team who find satisfaction in helping our clients through the digital publishing journey

— Tola Adeniyi

CEO & Co-Founder

We Strive to Provide High Quality Services in Publishing, Printing and Press